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    Miami Ed Tech Accelerator Program

    The Miami EdTech EdXpert program is designed to show educators how to effectively use technology, pedagogy and learning spaces to achieve learning goals. What are EdXperts? They are on the front lines of meaningful tech use in education, equipped with the knowledge and understanding as to how to leverage new and existing edtech products to enhance their instruction and practice as educators.What will you learn?The Technology Integration MatrixThe SAMR Model of Meaningful Tech UseDive into Richar...  Read More...

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    Peter Wein South Florida Live WEINetwork Marketing Program

    Looking for an affordable way to reach hundreds of thousands of consumers all around the globe? The World's Entertainment and Information Network (WEINetwork) has pioneered the world of internet radio for nearly 10 years!With a vast variety of programming from politics to music, health to kids topics, it's no wonder why we have a diverse audience of over 220,000 listeners in 70 countries and counting! Our listeners on average stay tuned in to our programming 2 times longer than typical r...  Read More...

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